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Builders, RV companies, and other wholesalers love our dovetail drawers because of their strength and durability. Our drawers are made by cutting dovetail joints into the sides of the drawer box, which interlock with similar joints cut into the front and back panels of the drawer. Using a variety of wood species, you can choose the best drawers to suit your needs. Please call for more information.
Hochstetler Woodworking
Hochstetler Woodworking

About Us

Years ago, when the economy declined, and the factories laid off workers, we saw an opportunity. We had time to experiment and create. With $50 in my pocket, I decided to start a dovetail drawer box business.

In 2013 we displayed our work at a woodworking expo and the business has grown since. We built a new shop in 2020 and today we employ 10 craftsmen to provide wholesalers with quality work and excellent service.

Our hours are M-F 8am – 4pm. If you would like to send a fax, our fax number is: (260) 593-3254.

From the Owner

"We value quality craftsmanship and have a deep down love for our work."
– Alvin Hochstetler

Our Products

Dovetail Drawers

Dovetail Drawer Box

Our dovetail drawers are designed and built with hardwood from a variety of wood species. Drawers are available in raw wood or with an optional one-coat conversion varnish.

Specialty Drawers

Custom Designed Drawer

Have a unique drawer size you need for your RV cabinets or other unique spaces? We have the ability to accommodate special areas that require custom sizes. We can also add your logo and other customizations.

File Cabinet Drawers

File Drawers

We provide wholesalers with regular or lateral wood file drawers. Our file drawers come with file bars. However, folders are not included. Drawers come in raw wood or optional clear coat.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

We provide waste basket drawers, silverware drawers, utensil drawers, regular drawers, commercial items, wastebasket pull-outs with: 12″, 15″, 18″ openings. Double-tiered utensil drawers are also available. Call for more options.

Send Us a Message

Send us a message or question and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

Download Our Brochure

For more information, please download our brochure or call direct to apply to become a wholesaler: (260) 593-3255.