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About Plain Merchant

To serve the marketing needs of the conservative Anabaptist community, generally known as the plain people.

Each merchant business is predominantly owned by individuals that practice certain tenets of the Christian faith described in the following statements.

  • Nonconformity or separation from the world. This practice varies from group to group but usually limit direct involvement in government and do not follow modern clothing fashions.
  • Non-adornment or abstaining from wearing jewelry. The women also wear some form of headship veiling or covering.

The plain people are selective on the technology they embrace. This philosophy varies greatly from group to group, but most prefer to not be directly involved with the internet.

House Moving is an attempt to help bridge that gap and provide a means for the artisans and craftsman of the plain people connect with a greater marketplace through digital marketing. This allows people from all over the world to connect with vendors that may be somewhat secluded, preferring to work in smaller family-oriented workshops and smaller farms and selling directly to the end user.

Some of our vendors are larger manufacturers that do sell their products or services wholesale. We hope to connect them with a broader range of retailers and expand everyone’s market opportunities.

Plain Merchant Marketing is a marketing service that enables plain businesses to reach more customers with a hands-free approach. We manage all the details while helping you reach more customers. For more information contact us today!
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