Butcher Block Market

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Based in Thorp, Wisconsin, Butcher Block Market is your source for all meat processing supplies. Our storefront offers everything from butchering equipment to casings, seasonings, deli meats, and cheeses. Stop by our store and browse our vast selection, or call us today to find everything you need for meat processing in one place!
Butcher Block Market

About Us

Butcher Block Market is home to processing supplies for local and international shoppers. Our storefront includes everything for your meat processing, including electric saws and blades, grinders, mixers and slicers, stuffers, and more. Plus, taste-test our seasonings included in our fresh and frozen meats sold on-site! Whether you’re needing new knives for your cooking and grilling needs or wanting to go all in with butchering supplies, Butcher Block Market is your one-stop shop for all your processing equipment!

Our Products

Processing Equipment

From meat grinders to smokers, we offer the necessities for any butcher or meat lover.

Our supplies include electric, commercial, and hand models for processing small to large batches of meat. Plus, we stock replacement parts for all our equipment, so you never have to shop anywhere else. Call us today to discuss equipment models and find what works best for your processing needs.


Seasonings are a must have for your specialty summer sausages, ground sausage, brats, jerky, and more.

That’s why we keep our favorites seasonings like ground mustard, ground sage, dried jalapenos, thyme, and countless others in stock.

Want to try before you buy? Stop by our store to find our favorite blends mixed into our fresh or frozen meats (plus, ask us about our gluten free and MSG-free options)!

Packaging & Casings

Packaging and casings are always in supply at Butcher Block Market.

Find packaging for ground beef or ground sausage or stock up on casings for summer sausage and brats.

We also provide the packaging supplies and casing accessories you need like Bag Cutters, Freezer Tape, Hog Ring Pliers, Water Resistant Curing Tags, Cotton Twine, and more. Call us today to discuss pricing for bulk orders!

Send Us a Message

Have questions about our large selection of products? Send us a message, and we will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to serving you!

View Our Catalog

Our catalog showcases the hundreds of processing items we offer for local and international buyers. Download our catalog and view the countless products we offer every day!

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