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Cornerstone Woodworking is known for its rough-sawn, handmade furniture. Every piece of hardwood furniture is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Our furniture is not just a simple furnishing, but a timeless work of art that reflects old-world craftsmanship and durability. Call today for your next family heirloom.
Cornerstone Woodworking
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About Cornerstone Woodworking

I, Philip Yoder, have always had a passion for working with wood and creating finished products from scratch. It all started with making a lamp for my wife of old pallets and I continued to make furniture.

I particularly enjoy working with rough-sawn wood because of its unique circular and band saw marks that add character to each finished piece. I use kiln-dried lumber, such as rough-sawn wormy brown maple or rough-sawn white oak, and make each piece one at a time.

To ensure a tight fit, I make one side rough-sawn and the other side smooth. Each piece is a unique, handmade creation that is finished with locally sourced stains and a 5-sheen top coat. Call to make an appointment to have your next handcrafted piece built: 260-535-0978.

From the Owner

"I have always had a passion for wood. I particularly enjoy rough-sawn maple or oak."
– Philip Yoder

Hand-Crafted Products

Cornerstone Woodworking Lamp

Living Room Furniture

Our hand-crafted living room furniture comes in a variety of rough-sawn textures. We also offer samples of stained wood so you can choose the best match for your home.

Cornerstone Woodworking Dining

Dining Room Furniture

Our dining room furniture is made with unique rough-sawn textures like the rest of our furniture. With many styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect style.

Cornerstone Woodworking Bed

Bedroom Room Furniture

Our bedroom furniture is designed to not only enhance the beauty of your room but also provide functional use for years to come. Like all our furniture, it is built to last a lifetime.

Cornerstone Woodworking Kitchen

Kitchen Furniture

Our coffee bars, islands, and other kitchen-related pieces provide additional counter space and enhance the overall appearance of any kitchen. They make for a special addition to your kitchen.

Cornerstone Woodworking Cabinet

Custom Cabinets

Rough-sawn cabinets will add a look to your room that will inspire and endure day-to-day use. Whether installed above or below, our custom cabinets can make your room more useful and enjoyable.

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