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Located in Bremen, Indiana, Capital Coatings is known for a wide variety of creative coatings. From bed liners fused with metal flakes—to trailers and boat decks coated for durability—Capital Coatings has you covered.
Capital Coatings
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Owner of Capital Coatings, Luke Schwartz has served others with his creative skills for years. Whether it’s bed liners, boat coatings, or trailer coatings, Capital Coatings provides excellent results. If you need a professional who delivers unique coating solutions, call Luke today at 574-248-1325!

From the Owner

"What sets me apart from many others is the quality I deliver. I want my customers to have the best possible results."


Custom Bed Liners

Your truck bed doesn’t have to keep looking old or ordinary.

Give your truck a personalized, new look with our custom bed liner coatings. Choose from countless color options—plus liners fused with metal flakes—and upgrade your truck today!

Boat Coatings

Whether it’s your fishing boat or ski-boat, our protective coatings help you enjoy lake life—for a lifetime.

Keep your boat ahead of water damage with a layer of protection from Custom Coatings!

Wet Sanding

Detailing (Wet Sanding)

We offer wet sanding so you can enjoy a smooth finish on all your projects.

From car shows to repainting your vehicle, get your project ready for the next stage with our wet sanding services.